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The ball in their court

Creating tailor-made holiday packages to America to see your favourite NBA team up close and personal.

Combining our passion for American sports and travel, Slamdunk Trips will get you in the game to see your favourite NBA team on their home court.

With tailor-made holiday packages to match your passion for basketball—whether you are a diehard fan with a favourite team or a sports lover who appreciates the excitement only live sport can offer—Slamdunk Trips will create your custom itinerary to match your dream NBA experience.

At Slamdunk Trips, we know basketball and we know that one size does not fit all. We offer multiple options from the budget holiday to the luxury adventure. We offer ticket and seating options to get you immersed into the atmosphere of the arena. Our goal is to create the US sports package that gets you fired up.

At Slamdunk Trips, you are the MVP. Best mates or party of twenty, all holidays are custom built to get you in the game.


Whether you are a Knickerbocker, a Timberwolf or a Warrior, our team is ready to create your dream experience.

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When it comes to basketball, we’re proud to say we’re fans.
Good thing is we know how to plan a really great holiday too.